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Computer games strategy

Many people think that the online strategy and computer games are bad for the human psyche. In fact, according to the magazine Psychology & Aging, computer games (online) strategies to help people maintain and improve mental abilities. А для большой компании мы решили заказать большой автобус, и остались довольны,

This magazine conducted an experiment, which was attended by forty people, half of which about twenty-four hours a week playing online strategy, in which the player must create and develop their own state, its army and economy, to expand its territory to wage war, as well as improve state population. Site rencontre femme russe.

All participants, both players and the control group, before, during and after the experiment were a series of tests which measured their ability to switch between tasks, take into account their short-term visual memory, logical thinking, the ability to hold in memory and operate with two or more units information.

According to the results of the experiment, the researchers found that players in the online strategy is much better and faster to switch from one to another task, they are also much better manipulate data and information held in memory. Skills of logical thinking from people who have played in the strategy were also much higher than the skills of people who have not played in the strategy.

This study showed that computer online strategy (regardless of the direction of the game) significantly improve memory and analytical abilities.

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